Draw Knife

The Tormek KJ-140 or SVM-140 knife jigs work well to hold this.

CB's USB Projection Calculator is recommended for calculating setup for Tormek knife jigs. (The simpler Projection Calculator is also still available. This one is web-based and does not require Excel.)

If you want to grind a flat bevel on the edge and you are using a Tormek, watch the video below on using the Tormek MB-100 Muti Base.

General Guidelines
β Front Bevel β Back Bevel Notes Recommended
Tormek Jig
Range Recom-
Range Recom-
Bevel Down 25° - 30° 28° n/a n/a

I've seen recommendations for βFront Bevel which range between 15° and 30°.

The very accomplished chairmaker, Curtis Buchanan, recommends an angle of 28°; I won't try to second-guess him. (His sharpening approach is shown in the video below.)

Bevel Up 20° - 25° 23° 2° - 5°

Notes & Comments

Information regarding Grindstones

The shape of the grind used is a call best made by the tool's use, based on their own experience. Additional notes are available on separate web pages for Grind Profiles, and Micro / Secondary Bevels.

Online Calculators that can be used for sharpening knives.

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