Carving Knives

Guidelines shown below are for Included Angles (⍺).

Notes about Secondary Bevels are at the bottom of this page.

If you want to get truly sharp, KnifeGrinders has a really good method and has adapted the Tormek system to these wheels. He's been nice enough to provide pictures.

Jan Svancara posted a design for using a knife sharpening platform in 2015 on the Tormek Forum. This is certainly worth reading, and there are also pictures of this in the jigs section.

CB created an excellent USB Projection Calculator which can be used to calculate the settings you will need to use with the Tormek knife jigs. His calculations have been vetted for accuracy to the sub-degree level, so I recommend this over the one I'd previously created.

General Guidelines
Type Secondary (Micro) Bevel Notes
Carving Knife 20º
+1 to +2º

Image courtesy of CB
Could be up to 25º included angle.

Some carvers do not like to use a carving knife with concave grinds. They have reported that honing the knife on flat stones (or the side of the SJ wheel) works best. The image to the right shows an exaggerated view of this beside a Scandi grind and a micro bevel grind.

Notes & Comments
Information regarding Grindstones

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