Termite End Grain Tool

The Termite Bit for the Termite End Grain Tool is sharpened by:

  1. mounting the Bit in the Grinding Block,

  2. mounting the Grinding Point in a:
    • Pillar / Drill Press,
    • Router, or
    • Die Grinder

  3. using the Grinding Block to hold the Bit against the Grinding Point whilst the Grinding Point is being spun.

Oneway Termite Bit

Oneway Termite Grinding Point

Oneway Termite
Grinding Block

Notes & Comments

Al Hockenbery* gave this alternate approach : I put the sharpening point in an air-powered die grinder.

To sharpen, I hold the termite in one hand, press the grinding point into cutter, and turn on the die grinder for a fraction of a second. This is just long enough, for the die grinder to hit max rpm and sharpen that side of the ring. Repeat for the other side.

* Al Hockenbery is a highly noted wood turner and Honorary Life Member of the American Association of Woodturners.

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