Slim Fluted Parting Tool

Guidelines shown below are for use with the Tormek SVS-50 Multi Jig.

For the Slim Fluted Parting Tool, the Closed Seat is used.

Closed Seat on SVS-50
General Guidelines
JS P Hole
45° 20° 55 mm B

Use the closed seat on the Tormek SVS-50 (shown above).

As you move the tool left and right on the universal support bar (USB), be sure to keep the bottom edge of the SVS-50's open seat level with the USB.

Notes & Comments
  • Marty Kiminsky noted that 45° is generally recommended for this tool, and that is his personal preference also. See also, "Woodturning" magazine, issue # 352.

  • Some information presented is from the Tormek handbook, Water Cooled Sharpening of Edge Tools, © Tormek AB.

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