The Punch's cutting edge is shaped on a grinder using a drill (the preferred way), or on a metal lathe.

Center Punch

Used to mark the position for drilling,
helping to prevent the drill bit drifting.

Prick Punch

Used to mark positions by hand for work.
Generally a hammer is not used, or only lightly used.

General Guidelines
Punch Type Comments
Center 90°
Prick 60° I have seen recommendations for angles as low as 30°, but that makes for a point that will be easily dulled when using with metal. Would work well if using this with wood though.

Notes & Comments

Information regarding Grindstones

If grinding this on a high speed grinder, be sure to manage the temperature so that the temper is not lost due to overheating. If there is a carbide insert, DO NOT cool by dipping in water. This will cause the carbide to crack due to shocks. Otherwise, cool by dipping as needed in water.

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