General Information on Sharpening
Scissors and Rotary Cutters

Typical Grinding Media Used
  • SG-250 Original Grindstone, graded course
  • CBN wheel : 100-150 grit
  • Very friable grindstone : 100 - 180 grit
  • Sandpaper : <200 grit

Shaping the Tool - Scissors are reshaped very rarely. That could be done when the scissors have a broken point off the end (or other significant damage). But then it does need to be considered if simply replacing them is a better choice.

Rotary cutters are also not reshaped. Frankly, the danger of cutting yourself is too high, so this is NOT recommended.

Typical Grinding Media Used
  • SG-250 Black Grindstone, graded fine
  • CBN wheel : 200+ grit

Sharpening the Tool - Scissors and Rotary Cutters should be resharpened as needed. And of course, the tool must be resharpened whenever your spouse gets them back from their cousin (who used them to cut cardboard).