Pinking Shears Scissors

Edges to be Sharpened

Pinking Shears Scissors cut by a shearing action. Thusly, the sharpening is done on the edges facing each other. These are denoted in the picture to the right using red arrows.

DO NOT make any adjustments to the triangular edges. These edges must mesh perfectly with the mating edges, and any grinding on those will make the scissors not work properly.

If the edge angles need to be re-established, use the notes for β as shown below.

For Pinking Shears Scissors, honing is recommended.

General Guidelines
Type β Notes
General Pinking Shears Scissors 80° - 90°

Notes & Comments

I found that the edge of pinking shears scissors are often ground using a round stone, and it results in a shape as shown to the left. The ground edge is denoted with a red line in an exaggerated way.

When sharpening pinking shears scissors, I find I can hold the edge against the stone using a free-hand manner. Typically, a quick touch-up on the SJ Japanese Waterstone works quite well.

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