Lawn Mower and Lawn Edger Blades

On Lawn Edger blades, sharpen the side of the blade which is the leading edge. The areas to be sharpened are highlighted in red.



On Lawn Mower blades, sharpen the upper side of the blade's leading edge. The areas to be sharpened are highlighted in red.


Care must be taken to ensure the blade remains balanced (i.e., ensuring that the removal of metal during the sharpening is equal on both sides). For this reason (and many others), it is highly recommended to perform the sharpening of the blade after removing it from the mower.

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General Guidelines
Notes Recommended
Tormek Jig
If the original angle is different, it is best to match that.

If using a Tormek to sharpen this blade, the SVM-45 Knife Jig can be used, but I'd recommend using the SVD-110 Tool Rest.


Tormek Live Sharpening Class - Special - Gardening tools

The summer is finally here (at least in Sweden)! Wolfgang and Sèbastian from Tormek did a special episode of their sharpening class, focusing on the gardening tools. Learn how to sharpen secateurs, lawn mower blades, a scythe, hedge shears and other tools that you use in the garden!

Tormek AngleMaster WM-200

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