Harvest Knives  

Harvest Knives are used for harvesting vegetables and fruit in the garden.

Guidelines shown below are for Included Angles (α) for both the red and the blue edges. The two edges are discussed separately as they may be sharpened differently.

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General Guidelines
Blade Section α Comments Recommended
Tormek Jig
Recom. Range
24° 24° - 30°

This part of the knife is used with a push stroke, and a sharp edge will help move it quickly through the plant's stem which is holding the part you want to harvest.

30° 30° - 40°

This part of the knife is typically used with a pulling motion to cut thru a tougher part of the plant.

Some of these knives are sold with serrated edges, so the guidance for serrated knifes may be useful.

Notes & Comments

Information regarding Grindstones

Tormek SVD-110 Notes

When using the SVD-110 for sharpening this, I had to install it on the Universal Support Bar "upside down" (i.e., with the thumb screw on the bottom side). This allowed me to get the needed angle for sharpening. Also, I had to remove the honing wheel to provide adequate clearance for sharpening the full length of the side (the blue part in the picture above).

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