Forstner Drill Bit

The absolute best source for sharpening this tool is Leonard Lee's book, The Complete Guide to Sharpening, Chapter 15. (This is a must-have for any sharpener's library.)

Other notes :

  • Rims
    • Ensure both rims are the same height.
    • Rims can be sharpened using a round or half-round file. I have also used a small sanding drum in a Dremel-style device when the drill bit was badly dulled.
    • Sharpen the inside of the bevel (nearest the point), and not the outside. Sharpening the outside would reduce the bit's overall diameter.

  • Chipping Bevels
    • Ensure both chipping bevels are the same height.
    • The chipping bevels should be at the same height as the rims. If there is a significant gap, the drill bit should be replaced.
    • Sharpen the throat of the bevel using a flat file, and not the other side. Sharpening the side opposite the throat would reduce the chipping bevel's height.

  • Point
    • Ensure the point extends beyond the rims by at least 0.005".

  • DO NOT change
    1. the center point of the drill bit, or
    2. the diameter of the drill bit.

  • Grind the minimum off the point.

Point Angle Chipping Bevel Rake Angle Notes

Notes & Comments

Information regarding Grindstones

Probably best to stay with the drill bit's geometry as supplied by the manufacturer.

If you have a Fine Wood Working membership, the are good instructions from Roland Johnson.

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