Books, Videos, & Web Sites
Title Type Author Comments
The Complete Guide to Sharpening (1996) Book Leonard Lee This is the bible for sharpening woodworking and general tools. Very good reference about how to sharpen a boat load of tools.
Drill Bit Geometry PDF Document Joseph Mazoff This document really outlines how drill bits work and the various parts of the geometry of a drill bit work for cutting.
Design and Use of Cutting Tools (1952) Book Leo J. St. Clair This is the definitive source for sharpening metal lathe tools, especially carbide ones. St. Clair was working in the industry as it was changing from HSS to carbide, so both are covered well. His experimental data helps validate or disprove many theories.

Unfortunately, this book is very hard to find. I recommend the sharpener borrow it from their local library via an inter-library loan for reading. Universities which teach mechanical engineering usually have a copy, and it is easiest to read that way. (The publisher has no more copies : I asked.)

Experiments on Knife Sharpening (2004) PDF Document John D. Verhoeven This document shows very closeup (10 micron wide) views of sharpened blades (starting with razor blades). He also shows how differing techniques affect blades as shown in his pictures.
Fine Tune a Back Iron Video Christopher Schwarz Nicely done document on back irons for planes.
Grinding Angle Adjustment for the Tormek (2014) PDF Document Ton Nillesen This guide is very useful on the Tormek for setting very precise angles on knife blades, and adjusting as the grinding wheel depletes over time.
A Guide to Honing and Sharpening Web Site Museum of Woodworking Tools The approach given here is by Maurice Fraser, and deals with the sharpening of tools using flat stones, not any powered methods.
Influence of the Cap-iron on Hand Plane Video Prof. Yasunori Kawai
Prof. Chutaro Kato
Educational Video from the faculty of Education, Art and Science, at the Yamagata University. Really shows the effect of cap iron angles.
Japanese Woodworking Tools : Their Tradition, Spirit, and Use (1998) Book Toshio Odate Great reference about Japanese carpentry tools. Toshio includes a number of tools, taking out the confusion we Westerners often have.
Knife Maintenance and Sharpening Web Forum (Single Topic) Society for Culinary Arts and Letters Nice overview of knife sharpening. Web Link Sabin Mathew was founded in 2012 by Sabin Mathew, a post graduate student at Indian Institutes of Technology in Delhi. This is a great web site to begin your understanding of the geometry of metal lathe cutting tools. They have nice videos showing what is meant by things like rake and relief angles.
The Perfect Edge : The Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Wood Workers (2009) Book Ron Hock Hock blades are considered superior. This book is in the same category of greatness.
Science of Sharp Web Link This site focuses on the science behind sharpening, and is primarily focused on knives (particularly, straight razors). The site's focus is on usage of electron microscopy (EM) to physically observe the geometry and polish of the edge, and to quantify the edge width and bevel angle. The goal is to provide an understanding of what is happening a the blade’s edge.

The EM scans and experimental data helps validate or disprove many theories.

Sharpening Made Easy Web Link Steve Bottorff Steve has gathered from many years of expert sharpening experience. This site contains information that could be useful, including instructional videos and manuals.
Sharpening Made Easy: A Primer on Sharpening Knives and Other Edged Tools (2010) Book Steve Bottorff Steve is a practitioner who has written a very practical guide.
Tormek Handbook Web Link Tormek If you have a Tormek, you will reference this fairly often.
Turning and Mechanical Manipulation, Vol. 3 - Abrasive and Other Processes not Accomplished with Cutting Tools (1850) Book / eBook Charles Holtzapffel Great historical knowledge, especially about honing and sharpening abrasives.