Wood Carving V-Tool Chisel

Guidelines shown below are for the cutting edge angles. Since this blade is honed, no secondary / micro bevel is given (as with Bench Chisels).

The angle (β) is the grind angle for both cutting edges (ground first), and the keel (ground last).

Smaller tools Tormek SVS-38 Short Tool Jig or SVS-32 may be appropriate. It is used in a similar manner.
Shorter tools You may need to use a standard, off-the-shelf collar to guide the sharpening process. Most hardware stores carry these, or you can order one such as part number 9414T9 (7/16 inch) or 57485K68 (10 mm) from McMaster-Carr. Note : You will probably need to replace the set screw with a longer one.

Use the Projection Calculator to set the projection and USB distance from the grindstone.

General Guidelines
Material β Notes
Hand Work Mallet Work
Softer woods 15º
For softer woods like bass or tupelo, this works well.
Harder woods 20º
For harder woods like oak, this works well.

Notes & Comments
Information regarding Grindstones

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