Spindle Roughing Gouge

Guidelines shown below are for use with the Tormek SVS-50 Multi Jig using the Open Seat.

Tormek SVS-50 Multi Jig
using the Open Seat
General Guidelines
Edge Angle Rake Angle Tormek
α Range α Range JS P Hole
45º 35º - 45º 20º 0º - 25º 55 mm B Be sure not to have the top of the curve to project forward from the center. To help with this, rotate in one direction only. Between rotations, lift the edge from the stone surface. This prevents working the centre more than the top edges.

Grind until you feel a burr raised along the entire edge, then hone the gouge to remove the burr.

Alan Batty recommended 45º, and this is generally recommended by many. I certainly recognize Mr. Batty's proven experience, but I've found that the 35º realized with these Tormek settings works extremely well.

A positive rake angle is recommended by many as it reduces the chance to grab.

Information regarding Grindstones

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