The Scraper's cutting edge is formed by one step on the grinder. The grinding action forms the hook.

General Guidelines
α Comments
75º Alan Batty recommended 70º with the under side ground back at 40º (a relief grind).

Some recommend the use of a belt sander (i.e., one which is bolted to the bench, not a hand-held one). I've used that and the Tormek with the Tool Rest. Both work, but the Tormek grinds away less metal, so that is what I prefer.

If you chose to grind a different angle, then use the following guidance when using the Tormek Tool Rest :

  • When grinding angles >60º, grind in the horizontal position.
  • When grinding angles <60º, grind in the vertical position.

Notes & Comments
Information regarding Grindstones

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