Draw Knives

The Tormek long knife jig works well to hold this.

CB created an excellent USB Projection Calculator which can be used to calculate the settings you will need to use with the Tormek knife jigs. His calculations have been vetted for accuracy to the sub-degree level, so I recommend this over the one I'd previously created.

Jan Svancara posted a design for using a knife sharpening platform in 2015 on the Tormek Forum. This is certainly worth reading, and there are also pictures of this in the jigs section.

General Guidelines
Type βFront Bevel βBack Bevel Notes
Bevel Down 28º

The typical recommendation is 15-20º for βFront Bevel, but Curtis Buchanan recommends this angle. Curtis is far more accomplished than I, so I'm going with his recommendation.
Bevel Up 25º
+2º to +5º
The typical back bevel recommendation is 2-5º, but I'm going with Curtis Buchanan's recommendation again.

Notes & Comments
Information regarding Grindstones

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