Bowl Gouge

Guidelines shown below are for use with the Tormek SVD-186 or SVD-185 Gouge Jig.

General Guidelines
α Profile Tormek
JS P Hole
40º 2 75 mm A With long swept back wings.

The "40/40" grind is advocated by Stuart Batty (Alan's son), and used by his protégé Ashley Harwood. They both have advocated hand grinding. (A number of companies make platforms for such hand grinding.)

That said, the Tormek handbook, Water Cooled Sharpening of Edge Tools Edition 10.3 advises that this grind shape is not recommended for starter-level turners as it can be somewhat aggressive.
45º 2 65 mm A Irish profile. Swept back wings. Swing the tool 180° from side to side.

Alan Batty recommended this angle.

45º 2 65 mm A Standard profile. Only lightly swept back wings. For turners of all skill levels.
55º 4 65 mm A The larger edge angle is beneficial when turning deep bowls.
60º 6 75 mm A “Ellsworth” shape, made famous by David Ellsworth (one of the founders of the American Association of Woodturners - Member #1). Wings are pronounced convex.

This is my favourite.

Notes & Comments
Information regarding Grindstones

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