Sewing Scissors

Scissors are sharpened according to the angles shown below.

Unless the scissors need to have a really honed edge, honing is not recommended for scissors. Stop after the sharpening step (but with a high grit level - 1,000 or so).

Some scissors have differing angles for the Thumb Blade (shown in red on the picture below) vs. the Fingers Blade (shown in blue on the picture below). In those cases, separate angles are shown in the table below.

The picture to the right shows a sectional view of the cutting blade.

General Guidelines
Type βThumb βFingers Notes
General Scissors 120º
Clayton 7 inch 110º
DaVinci - 2½ inch blade 120º
Delica - 3 ½ inch blade desk scissors 130º
Embroidery scissors 115 - 120º
Fabric shears, 7 inch and longer 125 - 130º
Fiskars dressmaker 120º
Gingher 'Knife Edge' dressmaker 115º
Gingher snips resharpened 125º
Gingher thread snips 105º
Industrial shears, 7 inch and longer 125 - 130º
Italian pinking shears 105º
Kleencut 110º
Pinking shears 90 - 95º
Tailor shears, 7 inch and longer 125 - 130º
Wiss dressmaker 115º
Wiss pinking shears, old style 105º
Wiss thread nippers 100º

Notes & Comments
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