Pruning Shears

Angles are shown in the end views of the upper (red) and lower (blue) blades.

CB posted a design for using a Pivot Jig for the SVM-45 in 2018 on the Tormek Forum. This is shown in the picture at the top of this page.

More pictures of this modification are also shown on the Jigs, Fixtures, & Modifications page.

Pivot Jig with the SVM-45

Pruning Shears Being Sharpened

General Guidelines
β1 β2 β3 Notes
If the original angle is different, it is best to match that.
  • The β2 angle can be as high as 35º; though that will make cutting the branch harder.
    • In knife terminology, this is the micro or secondary bevel
    • For pruning shears, this edge is much wider though : 2-3 mm (1/16 - 3/32 inch) wide.

  • The β1 angle is not terribly critical and probably does not need to be addressed. What I have observed is (generally) :
    • β1 = β2 - 10º

  • The β3 angle (i.e., the lower (blue) blade) could be as low as 80º; however it is not terribly critical. What is important is :
    • The angle is sharp and not rounded over, and
    • The blade is not corruded with tree sap nor rust.

Notes & Comments
Information regarding Grindstones